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A doctor humiliating a child in Cluj-Napoca

A doctor from Cluj-Napoca/Kolozsvár has humiliated a child and his family from Szeklerland. The doctor became angry when he noticed that the patient's relatives didn't speak well the Romanian language. It happened on Saturday that there was a car accident where a child from Covasna county (Szeklerland) went trough an accident, a city bus across her foot. Last weekend the ODFIE organized the 19th poetry and folk song singing competition that was held in Cluj. By this occasion was invited the child who's name is Sükei Katalin, she won first prize. After the awards gala she suffered an accident in the city center at (RO:) Ferdiand / (HU:) Dózsa György street. In the moment of the accident there was the child's girlfriend who called the ODFIE organizers who rapidly went to the location where the accident happened. The ambulance took Sükei Katalin with a guide from the organizer team, the guid's name is Fülöp Júlia Unitarian priest and president of the ODIFE. 
Dr.Ioan Dobrescu
 The case was posted on Facebook by Rácz Norbert Zsolt, a Unitarian parson from Cluj, soon the whole thing has sperad widely on the social media. Mr. Rácz is the former president of the National Francis David Youth Association ( Országos Dávid Ferenc Ifjusági Egylet ODFIE) According to Mr. Rácz Norbert, as they arrived the doctor on duty Dr. Ioan Dobrescu's first question was related to the child's knowledge of the Romanian language, questioning why didn't she know perfectly the official language of Romania. In this case it's worth to mention that a child at 17 age is not always prepared after an accident or a shock to express herself on a level that the doctor would expect. On the next step the doctor acted rude with the guide / organizer Fülöp Júlia and with the parents to. 

Atfer this incident Mr. Rácz Norbert had no other choice but calling Horváth Anna who's the deputy mayor of the city. The deputy mayor than went personally in the hospital in order to solve the problem. The main conclusion is that even if there is only one official language in Cluj-Napoca, the doctor should mind his manners when he communicates with a child or with her relatives who traveled hundreds of kilometers in order to reach the hospital!

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