2015. április 16., csütörtök

Let's report the Hungarian-hating DanTanasa's official Facebook page

 Let's report the Hungarian-hating DanTanasa's official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dantanasa.ro?fref=ts

Dan Tanasa the chauvinist blogger

The page mentioned a note earlier to report Dan Tanasa's Facebook page. Dan Tanasa is a chauvinist blogger living abroad who regularly incites his chauvinist readers, followers against the Transylvanian Hungarians with various lies and exaggerations. Several Sekler flags and Hungarian inscriptions have been removed across Transylvania due to him reporting these. Unfortunately, he has five thousand likes on his Facebook page, therefore it's not easy to get the page deleted. If after reporting the page Facebook responds stating that the page doesn't violate the regulations then we need to mention at the bottom of the page that we are dissatisfied with the decision and copy and paste the below text:

"This is a xenophobic, hateful page. Most of the entries and news featured on this page are directed against the Hungarian minority living in Transylvania and provokes the Romanian population from Transylvania against them. The page's administrator, Dan Tanasa, is continuously calling the Szekler flag a rag and he is denouncing and reporting Hungarian inscriptions. The page's followers regularly write chauvinistic, hateful comments about the Hungarians from Transylvania and are even threatening them. Please delete this page because it violates Facebook's Community Standards. Thank you!"

How to report the page: Right side under cover photo *** - Report page - i think it shouldn't be on facebook - Hate Speech - Targets a race or ethnicity

Copy the red text here and give a negative feedback


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